Yes, our Driving Examiners are able to conduct test-only (Competency Test - CT) as a pathway to your licence upgrade. Please see our CT brochure PDF for more information.
NO, NT Government funding programs are available to other organisations based on 'legacy agreements'.  NATA has met with Government representatives to request more fair-handed treatment, and been told there was nothing Government could do to make this situation fair for NATA and its students.  You have the right to ask your local member why their BUY NT policy does not apply in this situation, they are spending your taxes after all.

You can wear thongs for classroom based activities on the first day or at HR Intake, however for practical training and assessment you will need to wear the following footwear:

  • For HR Truck driver and Forklift licence training, you are requested to wear closed-toe shoes, NATA prefer you wear workboots
  • For EWP and Doggers licence training you will require steel capped boots.
NATA does not arrange High Risk Work or Heavy Vehicle Driver licence endorsements, you will need to contact your local branch of NT Worksafe (contacts)or MVR (contacts).

No, course materials, general PPE and equipment is provided. You will need to wear workboots for the practical sessions, and steelcaps for EWP and Doggers practicals. Tea, coffee and water are available at the course, you will have to purchase or bring lunch.

For Heavy Vehicle Licence upgrade NATA issues your Statement on completion of your assessment.  Where you want the Statement posted to you, your statement is sent by registered mail which takes 1 to 2 working days.  You will need to take your Statement to your local MVR office to obtain your licence upgrade to a Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence with an Open HR endorsement.

For High Risk Work Licences, your Statement of Attainment is usually issued within 14 working days of completion of your course and sent by post which usually takes 2 to 5 working days.

There is no short answer to this question, individual learning varies according to individual experience, confidence and learning preferences.

NATA do not offer one day courses for these classes of High Risk Work licensing.

If you already hold a relevant, current licence, NATA can organise refresher training to review your current skills and/or to upgrade certain aspects of your skills. If you do not hold a current licence you will have to do the full training course (NATA has a two day course) to obtain your licence.

For NT High Risk Work licenses, if your licence has expired not more than 12 months ago, you are able to renew your licence, please contact the Territory Business Centre to confirm.  Note that you are not permitted to perform High Risk Work while your licence is expired.

If your High Risk Work licence expired more than 12 months ago, you will have to redo the full training and assessments to obtain a new High Risk Work Licence. 

When you complete your training, NATA will issue you with a Statement of Attainment which you take to MVR to obtain your Open HR endorsement on your Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence.

For HR licence upgrades, our training covers all elements of the nationally recognised unit of competency and when you are assessed as competent, NATA will issue you with a Statement of Attainment which you take to MVR to obtain your Open HR endorsement on your Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence. Talk to your trainer about any specific technical information you require.

NATA has an 18 speed Mack Granite available for gearbox training and for HC/MC open licence upgrades, please see our course information for details

Your previous experience will help you understand the course theory and more easily undertake the practical exercises. 

High Risk Work licensing is subject of mandated assessments and challenge testing, where an assessor must observe your competence in completing mandated tasks.  This means you must complete all of the assessment requirements of the course.

For Heavy Vehicle licence upgrades, the time taken depends on your confidence, experience and individual learning style.

From NATA’s perspective, we need to ensure you have had all of the necessary information delivered to you during the course.  NATA choose not to compromise your gaining competence or the quality of our course delivery by cutting corners with course content.

When you complete your training, your assessor will issue you with an Assessment Report. You take your report to Territory Business Centre (TBC) at Darwin Corporate Park, Building 3, 631 Stuart Hwy, Berrimah (see other locations and contact details). The staff at TBC will take your photo, process your paperwork and charge $76.00 to issue you with a High Risk Work Licence with its new endorsement.