ASQA Policies

How NATA Works

NATA designs its training and assessment services and associated quality policies to respond to the diverse needs of students who want to participate in its courses.

NATA is committed to providing an environment that values diversity, offers equality of opportunity to all students and staff, and is free from harassment and discrimination.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Even though you are enrolling to complete a single unit of competency, you will still require a USI.  Please see the USI website to get more information, create or find your USI:

With your written permission, NATA can search for, create or verify your USI, please contact us for information. 

ASQA Audit and Quality Assurance

As part of its quality assurance and periodical audit process, ASQA may contact you for your views on the quality of your experience at NATA.


If you cancel a paid booking with 3 or more working days notice, course fees are refundable, subject to a $50.00 administration fee.

Cancellations made with less than 3 working days notice are not refundable, your place may be transferred to another date or your place may be transferred to another eligible student.

Contact Annette on 08 8941 2628 for a refund application or for more information.

Assessment Policy

High Risk Licensing

NATA's assessment policies are conducted under NT Worksafe Assessor Guidelines. If a candidate is assessed as 'not yet competent' in knowledge and/or calculations sections of a course, NATA policy is to not progress the candidate to the performance section until the candidate is successfully reassessed.

NT Worksafe Assessor Guidelines for Reassessment include:

  • Candidate undertaking a reassessment within 2 months of the initial assessment will only be required to complete the section of the assessment in which they were assessed as not yet competent
  • The same assessor undertakes the reassessment
  • Candidates who undertake a reassessment 2 months or more after the initial assessment are are required to re-take the whole assessment.

All reassessments must be undertaken within 12 months, or the training must be retaken.

Reassessment Charge - High Risk and other courses

There is no cost for reassessment where NATA can join a candidate into an existing course. Where the reassessment is booked on another day, a minimum charge of $300.00 per 3 hours (plus GST where applicable) applies.

Reassessment Charge - Heavy Vehicle Driver Licensing courses

NATA's Heavy Vehicle Driver Assessment Policies are consistent with AQF and NT MVR requirements.  After being assessed as competent, you are licence to apply for your driver licence upgrade, subject to MVR requirements.

NATA driver trainers are all apponted by MVR as Heavy Vehicle Driver Examiners for the purpose of MVR testing.  The MVR test cover assessment standards to be acheived by a licence applicant and the result is either Pass or Fail.  MVR policy states that all applicants for whom a 'Fail' is recorded may not be reassessed that same day.  Hence, a new date must be booked and paid for for reassessment.  Charges for reassessment are set to equal the assessment fee for the relevant licence class (see licence class Applicant Information). 

It is strongly recommended licence upgrade applicants read the course information carefully before the first lesson.  When your trainer observes your ability to safely and competently manage the vehicle, you may to proceed to assessment.

Be aware your enrolment will expire 12 months from your date of enrolment, and extra costs will be incurred to re-enrol.

Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

To be eligible to qualify for a High Risk Work Licence a candidate must have an acceptable understanding of written and spoken English and have adequate numeracy skills to understand and perform load calculations.

NATA has processes built into enrolment and training delivery strategies to identify potential need and gives opportunity for candidates to self-identify where potential difficulties exist. The LLN self assessment checklist attached below is from the Australian Core Skills Framework and is designed to help candidates identify where they may need some further LLN assistance:

More information can be found in the following Brochures:

Complaints and Appeals

If you have a complaint about the way you have been treated by anyone at NATA, or wish to appeal an assessment decision, NATA can refer you to its Complaints and Appeals process, see our policy (PDF) here.  Please contact Annette on 08 8941 2628, or make an enquiry at our website.